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A Letter to Senator Shaheen

Nov 11, 2016

Senator Shaheen:

Like many, I have been very concerned since the election. I have tried to get out my feelings by writing, talking to others, but nothing feels like enough. Nothing feels like I am making a difference. I started writing a facebook post a few moments ago, but I realized that sending it to that void would not be enough either. It was meant for you, for Senator Elect Hassan, for Congresswoman Kuster. It was meant for those that are to carry my voice and the voices of my fellow New Hampshire constituents to Washington to continue the fight in the ways that we can not.

I know know that there are a lot of voters from this great state that cast their ballot for Trump, but they fell short of the majority. I hope that you and Senator Hassan will wok closely with Senators Sanders and Warren to not cause gridlock, but fight for our fellow citizens. I hope you will stand for the rights of all those whose right look to be under threat under this administration and in the new year’s session of congress.

Fight for the understanding over fear of Muslims crossing our borders. Fight for the rights of our LGBT loved ones to be able to be, and be with whom they love. Fight for all minorities to be able to start from the same level ground as the rest of us; for an end to police brutality, racial profiling, prison overpopulation. Fight for those under the grips of addiction to get help, not handcuffs. Please, fight for the right for a parent to not to have to choose between working enough to feed their child, or being able to SEE their child.

I love this country. I love this state. But I am very afraid of the road we are about to travel down. I hope I can count on you to cast a little light.  

I can’t stop scrolling. It started around 10pm Tuesday and hasn’t stopped. I jump from feed to feed and scroll and read all the reactions. I don’t even know what I’m looking for or who I’m looking to hear from. I just keep looking as if I’ll find some profound answer that will somehow make it all ok. Some plan that will ensure my friends are safe and able to love who they wish.

But of course its not there. That’s not the world we live in. Not anymore.